MITSUBISHI PLC (Programmable Logic Control)

The Mitsubishi MELSEC-F series undergone many advancements, making way for the next generation MELSEC iQ-F Series, with enhanced high speed bus, expanded built-in functions, advanced SSCNET III/H support, and improved engineering evironment with parameter settings in GXW3 engineering software.

From stand alone use to networked system application, MELSEC iQ-F brings your business to the next level of industry.

bulletss CPU Module

All-in-one power supply, CPU, and I/O main unit. Built-in features include high-speed counters, positioning outputs, Ethernet, and SD card slot.



bulletss Analog Module

Options for analog inputs and outputs, temperature sensor inputs, and temperature control. FX3 series analog intelligent function modules can also be connected.



bulletss Communication Module

RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 communication modules.



bulletss Programming Cables

usb-programming-cable-sc09 programming-cable-sc-09 serial





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  2. shakil - Reply

    Dear Sir, you have written very well but I want to know more about what I have learned. I have got a PLC. I can do different kinds of work but the only thing that I have for communication is what I have now. So if you can arrange it. If you can give then it is much better for me.

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